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Can You Put Blinds in an Arched Window? Exploring the Best Options

Arched windows are a beautiful architectural feature that adds character and style to any room. However, finding the right window treatments for arched windows can be a challenge. Typical rectangular blinds simply won’t work with the unique curved shape. Fortunately, several excellent options exist for selecting blinds for an arched window.

Why Arched Windows Need Specialty Blinds

Arched windows require specialty window treatments designed to fit the contour of the arched shape. Standard blinds, shades, and other window treatments are designed for straight angles and cannot bend and conform properly. With the right window coverings, arched windows will be protected, and you’ll retain control over light and privacy in the space.

Some key reasons arched windows need specialty blinds:

  • The arch requires a curved shape to custom-fit the window properly from top to bottom. Standard blinds can’t flex to fit an arched shape.
  • Arched windows often feature unique rounded or pointed arches that call for custom-made solutions to match the exact design.
  • For proper functionality, the blinds need to be able to open and close evenly across the arched window.
  • Aesthetically, the window treatment should complement the attractive arched architecture.
  • Specialty solutions are needed to mount blinds securely within the arched window frame.

Choosing the Right Blinds for an Arched Window

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When shopping for blinds for an arched window, you’ll want to look for options designed specifically for curved windows. Here are some of the best choices:

Arch-Top Blinds

These specialty blinds are made to fit the arched shape of your window precisely. The blinds curve with the arch and custom-fit to your exact specifications. Arch-top blinds come in various styles, including faux wood, vinyl, and aluminum.

Motorized Arch Blinds

Motorized arched blinds take convenience one step further. With motorized options, you can raise, lower, open, and close your arched blinds with a simple button or tap of an app. This makes it easy to control light and privacy without having to adjust each blind slat manually.

Custom-Cut Blinds

Another option is to have standard blinds custom-cut to fit the arched window. The blinds can be precisely measured and shaped to your window. Custom-cut blinds provide a versatile, made-to-order solution. The blinds can conform to the exact arch for a flawless fit.

Custom Arched Shades

Along with blinds, window shades can also be custom-made for an arched window. Honeycomb, roller, and other specialty shades can be cut for a curved fit.

Tips for Measuring Arched Window Blinds

To ensure proper fit, there are a few key things to keep in mind when measuring for arched window blinds:

  • Account for the window’s entire curved shape from top to bottom. Take measurements at several points along the arc.
  • Consider the window’s depth from front to back to calculate the appropriate slat depth.
  • For the inside mount, measure and mark the points where the window frame begins to arch.
  • For the outside mount, measure the outermost points of the arched window.
  • Provide the window’s widest width measurement.
  • Note whether the window arch is rounded or pointed.
  • Specify if the arch is consistent in width or tapered.

With accurate measurements, retailers can determine the exact arched shape and custom-cut blinds to fit properly within the window frame.

Installing Blinds on an Arched Window

Installing arched window blinds takes more finesse than a standard rectangular window but can be done with patience and care. Here are some tips for quick, seamless installation:

  • Mount the brackets to align with the arch’s curve. Use the measurements to space brackets appropriately.
  • Make sure the brackets are level, so the blinds hang evenly.
  • Attach each slat starting at the apex of the arch, working downward in an even manner on both sides.
  • Gently bend the slats around the curve as you go, fastening each one into place. Take care not to crease or crack slats.
  • Carefully feed the wiring down through the slats during installation for motorized options.
  • Fasten the bottom rail once all slats are properly installed and curved.
  • Check that the blinds raise, lower, open, and close smoothly. Adjust if needed.

With the right arched window blinds and proper installation, you can enjoy the elegant look of arched windows while controlling light and privacy. Consult with a window covering retailer to explore your custom blind options. With some clever solutions, even uniquely shaped windows can benefit from the function and style of window blinds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Arched Window Blinds

Take measurements at multiple points along the arch to account for the curved shape. Measure the width at the widest point and note the window depth. Also, specify if the arch is rounded or pointed.

Arched blinds come in various colors, materials, and textures like wood, faux wood, aluminum, and vinyl. You can choose from patterned, blackout, or light-filtering fabrics.

It is possible to have standard rectangular blinds custom-cut to fit the exact shape of your arched window. Consult a professional for measuring and custom-cutting.

Finding the Arch’s Perfect Match

Arched windows deserve unique blinds tailored to match their beautiful curved shape. You can find the perfect window treatment solution for your distinctive arched window with arch-top blinds, motorized arched blinds, or custom-cut specialty blinds. Proper measurement and installation will ensure a flawless fit and elegant look. Contact the experts at Bloomin’ Blinds of Bucks & Montgomery County today to explore your architectural window blind options!

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