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Styling Guides for Roman Shades in Bedrooms

Roman shades are an increasingly popular window treatment choice for modern bedrooms. With their simple, clean-lined design and soft, cascading folds, they can add a touch of elegance and luxury to your sleeping space. However, to make the most of their aesthetic appeal, it’s important to carefully consider the fabrics, colors, patterns, and styling details when incorporating Roman shades into your bedroom décor.

Here are some useful tips and ideas for choosing and styling Roman shades to create a fashionable, inviting bedroom retreat that speaks to every eye that meets it!

Fabrics and Textures Set the Tone

roman blackout shade

One of the biggest advantages of custom Roman shades lies in the immense variety of fabrics you can choose from. Light-filtering natural fabrics like linen, cotton, and sheer voile are ideal choices for bedrooms. Their breezy, lightweight textures allow soft natural light to filter in during the day while still providing privacy. Warm fabrics like velvets, faux silks, and woven woods in rich hues can lend an opulent, elegant ambiance to formal bedroom spaces.

For total overnight darkness, opt for Roman shades with built-in blackout linings to prevent any light leakage. Thermal blackout fabrics even help insulate your windows, keeping your bedroom cozily temperate. The fabric selection directly impacts the overall look, feel, and functionality of your shades, so take care to choose textures aligned with your bedroom’s aesthetic.

Complementary Colors and Prints

Strategic use of color and patterns on your custom Roman shades can pull together your bedroom scheme seamlessly. Sticking to solid neutral tones that are softer and slightly lighter than your wall color creates an understated, calming backdrop. Delicate prints in organic textures like florals, geometrics, or nature motifs add personality without going over the top.

For a bit more drama, customize your Roman shades in hues contrasting your walls or bedding. Intense colors and bold graphic prints make dynamic style statements. Alternatively, choose a color from your wall art or area rug and repeat it on the Roman shades for a unified, coordinated look. Tailor the shades to match or complement your bedroom’s existing palette for optimal cohesion.

Thoughtful Layering for Added Dimension

a warm bedroom with beautiful fabric drapes to make the space feel welcoming and homey

Creative layering of window treatments lets you combine the beauty of Roman shades with the functionality of other options like curtains. Mount breezy sheer curtains atop floor-length opaque drapes for a hotel-inspired look. The sheer panels filter daylight, while the drapes provide full blackout at night when drawn.

Or, hang sleek aluminum horizontal blinds right behind your Roman shades to add textural contrast. Blinds offer adjustable light control behind the softness of shades. You can also mount Roman shades higher up and place longer curtains below for increased privacy and light-blocking efficiency after dark. Well-planned layering lends extra depth, dimension, and visual interest to bedroom windows.

Hanging Heights and Arrangements

Properly installing your Roman shades can greatly impact both aesthetics and functionality. Mount them as close to the ceiling as possible to maximize visible window area and create the illusion of higher ceilings. Check that each shade is equidistant from the wall or window frame for symmetrical elegance.

For windows with multiple openings, consider experimenting with asymmetrical arrangements. Hang shades at varying heights or alternate between openings for a contemporary edge. Just ensure furniture like nightstands or dressers don’t obstruct the shades when fully extended. Measured, thoughtful hanging creates a polished, upscale look.

Additional Decoration and Accents

A few final touches can take your Roman shade style to the next level. Add pretty tiebacks, tassels, or trim to infuse personality. Complement with cushions or throws in matching prints and textures for a coordinated vibe. For blackout shades, incorporate alarm clocks, table lamps, and accent lighting to brighten up the space once the shades are drawn.

Thoughtful attention to all the details results in a put-together, luxurious bedroom that you’ll love relaxing in.

Answers to Common Questions About Roman Shades in Bedrooms

Yes, Roman shades come ready to hang with easy step-by-step instructions. They typically use a simple mount bracket system that attaches inside your window frame, requiring only a drill or screwdriver. No complicated wiring or mechanical skills are needed.

Light, neutral shades like off-white, beige, and pale gray open up and brighten smaller rooms visually. Sheer, lightweight fabrics that filter light are ideal for cramped spaces. Avoid dark, bold colors and dense, opaque fabrics that can make the room feel closed in.

Choose cordless Roman shades or shades with cord keepers or ties to pull cords taut and out of reach. Make sure cords do not hang loosely where children can become tangled. Also, use mount brackets that firmly secure the shades in place. Supervise young kids when operating shades.

Elevate Your Bedroom Retreat with Roman Shades

When shopping for Roman shades, it’s important to keep your bedroom’s existing design and color scheme in mind. Consider the overall aesthetic you want to achieve – relaxed and breezy, formal and elegant, or bold and modern. Choose fabrics and patterns that align with the mood you wish to create and style the shades thoughtfully with drapes, blinds, lighting, and accessories. With the right combination of materials, colors, and creative detailing, Roman shades can take your bedroom from drab to fab.

At Bloomin’ Blinds, our design experts can help select Roman shades tailored to match the unique style and functional needs of your bedroom. With countless customization options, from fabrics to patterns and colors, our shades add sophistication, beauty, and warmth to any bedroom retreat. Contact us for a free at-home consultation!

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